Other Banjos For Sale

Below is a list of banjos that are in our shop but not yet ready for sale.  If you are interested in these please email Dan@TradBanjo.com.  These can be for sale as-is, setup ready to play, or we can repair and restore as you request.



Paramount Style B - 19 fret, 22-3/4" scale, walnut rim, resonator, and neck.  My plan is to remove the existing finish and apply a new finish, level the fingerboard, install new frets, new head, and setup for Irish trad playing.  This banjo is currently be worked on, estimated restored price of $1000.



Weymann Orchestra Style 2 - 19 fret, 22" scale, maple rim, resonator, and neck.  My plan with this banjo is a full restoration.  The finish will be stripped, the nickel parts will be replated, the fingerboard will be leveled, there will be new frets, and many other repairs made.  The estimated restored sale price is $1500.00.  This banjo is currently be worked on.

Slingerland - 17 fret, 20-3/4" scale, maple neck, 10-3/4" maple rim open back.  This banjo just arrived and will get new tuners, head, bridge, strings, and tailpiece.  It will get a thorough cleaning and a fret job.  Estimated sale price of $295.

Ludwig Bellevue - 19 fret, 23" scale, walnut neck and resonator, metal "double tone projector" rim.  I am not sure my plan with this.  It is in the process of getting a new fingerboard with the original inlays salvaged and reused.  It has all the original Ludwig parts including gold Ludwig planet tuners.  The estimated sale price of this banjo is $800 to $1000.  For sale as is for $500.