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Meet the owner - Dan Shingler


The banjo is in great shape, and that is the best Irish setup I’ve ever had a banjo arrive with!  I’m so used to having to do a full setup.  And it was a good deal for the condition of the banjo!

Pete S, USA

I (we) had a great compliment on my banjo today. I was playing a gig this afternoon and up walked Shawn C. I played with Shawn many times about 10+ years ago when I sat in with his group. I asked Shawn to sit in with us by playing the banjo. We did maybe 6 or so tunes. He was very impressed with the banjo’s set-up and sound. I told him about you and the work you had done. I should tell you that Shawn is a very fine Irish banjo player. He currently plays with a Balto area Irish band. It was a treat for me to hear it played so well. Not surprisingly, the banjo easily rang out over fiddle, cello, & guitar. You’re my hero. (Names ommitted)

Steve B., USA

Fantastic service and I love the banjo.

Beau R., AU

Dan does some amazing work and really understands the needs of the Irish trad player. Your banjo would be in good hands with him.

Chuck K. USA

He is a first rate craftsman with a true love of the Irish Banjo and it's music. Dan's a session mate of mine and he helped tweak my entry level banjo as much as he could but he really felt that I'd be a lot happier with a better quality instrument.One day he sent me a message saying "I have a banjo you'll want". He was sure right! I'm the happy owner of Weymann Style 1 34933 which you can see down below a ways, with pictures of the restoration. He'd taken a pretty sorry looking banjo and turned it into a jewel, and all at a very reasonable price. If you're looking for a square deal on a fine banjo,look no further.

Paul B, USA

Just received the tuners, they look great.

Jan A., Japan

Thank you Dan...I received the Leader safe and sound...and It is well beyond my expectatioms ...I knew When I heard the sound clip you sent me that it would be lovely...so it is ...I love it for its sustain and playability.....I cant even see the repairs ...if you did them..well done to you

Emmett Q, N. Ireland

Thanks for the great banjo, it sounds and plays great.

Peter R, USA