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Epiphone Mayfair
Epiphone Mayfair
Epiphone Mayfair
Epiphone Mayfair
Epiphone Mayfair
Epiphone Mayfair
Epiphone Mayfair
Epiphone Mayfair

Epiphone Mayfair

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This is a restored and modified Epiphone Mayfair tenor banjo.  The banjo plays and sounds great and ready for its new life playing Irish tunes.  The finish was completely stripped except where the decal was saved.  A new finish was applied by hand and all signs of finish crazing on the decal were removed and restored.  The custom-made American black walnut rim features an integral wooden archtop design.  The rim was designed so that it can be returned to its original configuration and the original rim is included with the sale. The frets have been leveled and dressed and the fingerboard has been oiled.  New planetary tuners have been installed.

Neck - Walnut with a center strip of probably maple, rosewood fingerboard, 19 frets with a 23" scale length, celluloid peghead veneer, new planetary tuners.

Rim - American black walnut block style rim, 3/4" thick, integral wooden archtop tone ring, heavy brass flange, walnut resonator with original decal

Setup - This is currently setup with "light" nickel strings and plays very easily.  The is a great ring from the E with a nice punchy bass side for the lower notes.

Case - no case included, the Clareen case available for sale would fit nice.

Notes - The rim was designed and built so that the action can be adjusted.  This is done by loosening the coordinator rod and rim bolt and raising or lowering the neck.  It is currently set at our standard of .080" at the 12th fret.  The hooks and armrest are new replacements.


  • Scale length - 23"
  • Nut width - 1.10"
  • # of frets - 19
  • Weight - 8lbs 2oz
  • Action height - .080" @ 12th fret
  • Strings - Nickel 12, 17w, 26w, 36w
  • Bridge - maple/ebony 3 leg
  • Head - Remo Renaissance
  • Serial number - 7384